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Top 10 Ways We Make a Difference

Please for a moment, think back….

Were you lucky enough to have a mentor step into your life during your formative years – at that time when you needed them most? Was it a parent? Your teacher? A relative? Whomever it was, it was someone who treated you with respect and in turn earned yours. Someone who gave you the courage to make tough decisions, the self-esteem to make smart choices and the confidence to be true to yourself.

Some kids in Windsor-Essex are still waiting for that someone…

When Big Brothers Big Sisters matches a child with a mentor, they are put on a path to lifelong success – an opportunity that can change the course of their lives in many positive ways—and here are our top 10!

If you had the chance to help unlock a child's true potential, and create a future where anything is possible – would you?

You can give the gift of a mentor to a child in your community today by including the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Windsor Essex Foundation in your charitable giving this year. This is your opportunity to change a child’s life with your gift today!


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