Sarah & Brooklyn

 Sarah & BrooklynSarah and Brooklyn's friendship has been blooming for over a year now in our In-School Mentoring program. They see each other every week for one hour at Brooklyn’s school. During their time together they like to make obstacle courses and race around the gym, play board games like Pokeman (which is one of Brooklyn’s favourites and she’s REALLY good at it), or make crafts inspired by the season or an upcoming Holiday. They typically spend a lot of time talking about Brooklyn’s soccer team, friends, and school…but most of all they share a lot of LAUGHTER!!!

“Becoming a mentor to Brooklyn has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Not only do I get the opportunity to interact with an amazing girl on a weekly basis, I see her developing into a smart, funny, and self-confident young lady. I totally enjoy the time we spend together, and seeing just how much our relationship has impacted Brooklyn in a positive way. Our meeting days have become my favourite day of the week!”
– Sarah, In-School Mentor