Meaghan & Angel

angel  Meaghan & Angel have built a 5 year long friendship through our In-School Mentoring program!

“Becoming a mentor has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Over the past five years I was able to develop and maintain a meaningful relationship with my mentee which I believe impacted both of us immensely. It gave me purpose and pushed me to strive to be a better person, someone she could look up to and admire. To me, being a mentor means being a positive and supportive role model. Mentoring is being a friend, confidant, and someone to talk to about likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams, hobbies, future, etc.  My main goal as a mentor was to have a good influence in my mentee’s life and help her improve her self-esteem; so I hope that I have inspired her to reach her potential. My experience as a mentor has been extremely positive; the school was welcoming and very encouraging too. I would recommend everyone get involved in this program."
 - Meaghan, In-School Mentor