Jennifer & Cassidy

Jennifer & Cassidy Jennifer and Cassidy have been friends for 3 years in our In-School Mentoring program! Some of their favourite activities have been: creating obstacle courses, making bath fizzies, sewing sock puppets, laughing, sharing stories/ideas and much more! They also have a gratitude journal that they write in every time they are together, and are working on a scrapbook for this year. They are a busy duo!

“It's a great feeling to walk into Cassidy's class and see her face light up; she always welcomes me with a smile and a story about how her week has been going or something special that is happening for her. It always amazes me how much one hour per week has impacted not only Cassidy but myself as well. I've noticed great improvements in Cassidy’s self-confidence over the last couple of years and it's inspiring to see her grow and know that somehow, maybe even in a small way I am impacting that growth in a positive way. I'm thankful to Big Brothers Big Sisters for their In School Mentoring program. It's been a wonderful way for me to give back to my community and a great fit for my life.
-Jennifer, In-School Mentor