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How Mentoring Helps Children and Youth

As we all know, the child and teenage years aren't always easy, even under the best of circumstances. Add to this the fact that some young people face extra challenges, and you can easily see how growing up can be a downright tough experience for some. On this page you will learn more about the children and youth Big Brothers Big Sisters serves, and how Mentoring helps them grow and thrive! If you are looking for first-hand accounts of how Mentoring has touched lives, you can check out our testimonials. Click here....

Who are the children and youth that Big Brothers Big Sisters of Windsor Essex serves?

Every child or youth in our Mentoring programs has their own unique story. Some may have grown up with only one parent.  Some may come from a family stretched for time or other resources. Some may lack access to extracurricular activities, and some may have difficulty at school, either socially or academically. Just as every child has their own story, they all have their reasons why they are welcoming a Mentor into their lives.

How does Mentoring help them?

In countless ways! Evidence has shown that children who have welcomed a volunteer Mentor into their lives:

  • Have increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Have enhanced social skills
  • Are less likely to use drugs or alcohol
  • Are less likely to get involved in criminal behaviour
  • Do better in school, and are less likely to drop out

    While the above examples are more obvious ways that Mentoring can help children and youth, Mentors also have the opportunity to affect the lives of their Mentee in ways that are more subtle but equally as important. For example, can you imagine being able to:

    • Share experiences with your Mentee that they may have never had otherwise
    • Help them figure out what they may want to do later on in life
    • Talk to them as they deal with a difficult situation
    • Be there to support them and lift them up when things don't go well
    • Help them have fun, and be a kid!


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